Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I finally have my own computer...

Oh yeah, that's right, my own computer. As many of you know I have never had my own computer. Jimmy can attest to the fact that I was constantly using his. I got my financial aid refund and I just knew that's what I wanted to do. I got a 15" Powerbook and a 40GB iPod. The iPod is probably the coolest single device that I have ever purchased. I never really thought that I would use it as much as I do but I use it in my car all the time and at work while I am trying to handle the retards of the world. As for the Powerbook, I just got it today and it is absolutely beautiful. Sure...it was expensive...but when I set my mind to something I just do it. This is probably the coolest computer I have ever seen. This laptop will help me keep writing in this weblog so that I can entertain the masses. You know you like it. That's right...you're all jealous. Oh wait...you've all had your own computers for a long time haven't you. Well...it's a first for me and I am giddy. As for my last trip to Lawrence last weekend. I went up there with Adam (on weekend reprieve) and my brother and his girlfriend. I knew we were in for an interesting night when I called Tom and he had been drinking since 4:30 in the afternoon. Once we finally got up there we drank all of Tom's beer while he impressed me with his love of music. I never knew that Tom had a love for music like he does. If I would have known that, I would have had someone to go to concerts with when I was living in Lawrence. He's making a CD for me with some of his favorite songs by one of his favorite bands. You know me...always looking for new music to listen to. My thing right now is Widespread Panic. They might possibly be one of the best bands that I have ever heard in my life. There is quite a bit of musical talent there that totally impresses me. Well...that's all I got for now...you kids have fun and leave me some replies if you would like.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

An update...it's been a while

So let's see...what is there to write about. Well these last few weeks since school has started for me have been pretty uneventful but there are a few things to write about. Last weekend I ventured up to Lawrence for another outing with Tom. He called me on Friday night to give me shit about never coming up...so I decided to prove him wrong. I figured a trip to Lawrence and the chance to spend a few quality hours at my favorite bar, The Red Lyon, with Tom was definitely a good reason to head up there. So I show up at the bar and as I have learned from my extensive outings with Tom, you never know who he will be hanging out with. This guy has more different groups of friends than I could ever imagine having. When I get to the bar, he's hanging out with Brandon, who he used to work with and all of their crew. After meeting them, we finish our drinks and head to a "keg" party. Oh yeah, you read that right...we went to a keg party. And it was complete with an ice cold keg of, you guessed it, Natural Light. It definitely brought me back to my roots, I can tell you that. The house that the keg party was at was owned by a guy named Greg. He had a priceless "fu man chu" thing going with his facial hair and he had a FUCKING JUKEBOX in his house. How cool is that. I was immediately impressed. So after convincing some guy named Bill that I wasn't the guy he played poker with the night before, we headed back to the Lyon to meet another group of Tom's friends. Unfortunately, the names of this group of people have escaped me but they we weren't there for long so I guess it's acceptable. When we left there we went across the street to Louise's Downtown and stood outside waiting for one of Tom's friends to come out. He never showed...but Tom did run about 1/4 of a mile down Mass St. trying to catch his dream girl, whom he has never talked to, as she drove by in her Jeep. It was pretty interesting watching him run down the sidewalk like that. I was pretty impressed with his dedication to "Marissa". The next time I go to Lawrence, which will be this Saturday night, I guarantee that I am gonna get Tom to talk to this girl. She will not be a myth any longer. Next stop, drinking Budweiser, out of cans, in Tom's car, on the side of the road, listening to music. We listened to a few choice tunes by a former member of the band Uncle Tupelo, which is now named Wilco. After we watched some naked guy walk through his living room we realized it was time to head to the party that had the next group of friends. Now this next group, headed by Molly and Jessie, was by far the most interesting. Now, it was probably because this group was dominantly female. Anyone who knows me knows that I would be much more likely to enjoy this group. Molly...who Tom may or may not be "dating" was there playing many great tunes from her iPod while Jessie, another member of the group, explained how she had rear ended a cop in the drive thru lane of McDonalds at 4 in the morning a few weeks before. Obviously she was inebriated and she ended up in jail. This was a great source of entertainment for me and since Tom got to tell most of the story, it was a great joy for him as well. After sitting here for a while, some hippies walked by and joined the party. Tom decided to try to get in a fight with all of them, and since they were hippies, they didn't oblige. This was the end of the night for me and I proceeded home. Another night in Lawrence that ended after 4 AM. Funny how that happens...now let's see what happens this weekend...

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