Thursday, October 21, 2004

Quick Update...

Not much has been going on these days. I had my first midterm last week and I found out how I did tonight. Should be interesting but I think I did well. Other than that...watching the Yankees lose made me feel pretty damn good. Well here is a link to all of my picture galleries and I will keep putting new pictures on this site:

Sunday, October 10, 2004

It was a beautiful day in Lawrence...

Those of you who were there or actually pay attention to KU football already know where I am going with this. This last Saturday, The University of Kansas football team beat Kansas State. Some of you who read this might not know the magnitude of this victory and there also may be some Wildcat fans out there who are still in denial, but this was a huge stepping stone for the mighty 'Hawks. To top things off, this was also homecoming weekend. A lot of people were in town for the weekend including Jimmy and Kate as well as Chris Berge. The weekend started off on Friday night with some heavy bar-hopping with none other than Mr. Tom Byrne. Now you have read about my many amazing escapades with this man before and this weekend was no different. Tom pleads with me to be truthful in these stories because he believes that I embellish these tales, but he is sorely incorrect. These events are spelled out with complete objectivity. I would not try to make Tom look better than he actually is. I mean...what would be in that for me...really? So let's begin talking about the weekend... Friday: I end up in Lawrence at about 8:30 and I begin trying to find Tom. He was supposed to get off of work at 8:30, so I should have planned on being there at about 9:15 but I was actually running on time and Tom was nowhere to be found in Lawrence. When I finally heard from him at around 9:00 I had already made a couple laps around Lawrence. We met at his house, he got all gussied up and we made our way out to some bars. We went to Louise's West and had some cheap schooners while waiting for everyone to show up. Once everyone was there and I had actually had about 5 beers and had been destroyed in a dart game, we went on our way to Mass. St. Once we arrived at Quinton's and saw the line, we went down to Louise's Downtown to have a beer at a bar that we knew wouldn't be crowded. Eventually everyone got together at Quinton's and we met them there and ended our night. As the night went on I met countless people who Tom knew. I am amazed every time I hang out with the guy because he seems to know everyone. By the time I got out of Lawrence that night it was about 3:30. I knew I had made the right decision when I was informed the next day that Tom and Zach (Tom's Cousin) had stayed up until 5:3o in the morning watching Teen Wolf. Saturday (Game Day): I eventually made it up to Lawrence at around 2:00. Tom and the friends had already been drinking for quite some time. I was way behind already and the game hadn't even started. By the time we destroyed on pony keg and were on our second, it was about time for the game to start. Seeing as the ticket price was $65...I didnt' buy a ticket and I just sat out on the hill with family because they had come up for the game. After watching the first half, I went out to get some dinner with my family. We kept up with the game while at dinner and when we left, it was 21-17 K-State and it was looking pretty bleak... blog break: While I am writing this...I just won tickets to go see the Drive By Truckers on Thursday night at the Beaumont Club. Just sitting here listening to the Jam Planet on 97.3 while I am typing and I called in and won the tickets. Now...that's some good shit. Free tickets...and I get to hear my name on the radio. Now back to the story... When we left dinner I had them drop me off at Tom's house, and as I am walking into the house, I can hear the crowd at the stadium go crazy (mind you, his house is about 2 blocks from the stadium). So I run in the house and sure as shit, we scored and we were winning in the 4th quarter against K-State. I don't think this has ever happened that I know of. (turns out we haven't beat them for 11 years...) So we decide to go up to the stadium. As we are getting ready to leave, we scored another touchdown...and we were up 31-21. We eventually ended up winning 31-28. I ended up rushing onto the field by myself until I found Jimmy, Kate, Lauren, Megan and Jared. The celebration was on. Of course, they tore the goalposts down...and threw them in the lake...which is a beautiful thing. Here are some pictures. And here are some more. Now after this, we went to the Jet Lag in Lawrence. Some of you might remember this as the place that I fell flat on my face by the pool tables. Well, you will all be excited to hear that I stayed upright this time...and had just as much fun. It was great to see Jimmy and Kate because I really don't get to see them at all anymore. Another great thing about seeing them is that I get to see Megan and Jared (always need to make myself not pee my pants around that guy) and Lauren (Kate's sister who I only see when I am with Kate) and Joan and Patrick (we were all amazed that they actually came to Lawrence for the occasion). It was a great time had by all. Everyone got each other's cell phone numbers so that we could make our own little Jimmy and Kate support group. Now hopefully I will get to see those guys more often. I will be heading up to Lawrence for Lauren's 21st birthday tomorrow (Monday) so that should be a lot of fun. After the night came to an end with the destroying of the Pyramid Pizza dining area...we made our way east out of town. The last stop was at Titus's house for a quick beer and laugh session. I really don't get to see Titus and Michelle that much either so it is great when I actually do. I could barely drink any beer because I laughed so hard and that is exactly why I like the guy so much. This was the end of a long homecoming weekend and I had a great time. Hopefully I will start actually bringing my camera out so I can get action shots for everyone. I know that they make the story that much better. Well...that's about all I got right now. Keep checking for never know when they'll appear.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Another one bites the dust... most of you have heard we have lost another team member to engagement. Yeah, it's not so uncommon these days. Tom and I are going to be the only ones left pretty soon. I think that Tom and I can handle it though. I was summoned up to Omaha, Nebraska two weekends ago by the boyfriend of one Erika Nelson. At first I was just going to go up there for the surprise birthday party that he was going to throw for her. Then, the night before I went up there I was informed that he had ulterior motives for the evening. He was planning on proposing to her as a part of this intricate plan involving all of Erika's family and friends. Upon hearing about his plans, I was very excited to be able to get up to Omaha for the party. When I arrived in Omaha, I found Josh very nervous and shaking. All I can remember thinking is "It's better you than me buddy...". Yeah, I'm sure that no one can believe that huh. As I watched the excitement unfold, it was pretty obvious to me that this plan was very well laid out. Everyone knew about it. There were people at the bar who knew about it. The owner of the bar was part of the plan. Both sides of the family were in on it and they helped to keep the secret as long as possible. Once Erika and the ladies arrived at the bar and the question was popped, the party was on. I don't know if any of you have had the chance to go to Omaha and party with Erika, Marie, Kelly, Erin and the men "Rich and Larry", but you really should some time. There are a few requirements that you have to have to be able to go up there though: 1. You have to be able to handle multiple crazy women at a time. Now, I know most of you are thinking that you have done that before. Honestly though, with these 4 girls, you've got your hands full. Now, Marie might be an officer of the law, but I think that just makes her more wild. I've been around Marie in a lot of different situations involving alcohol and she is definitely just as wild now as she used to be. I was waiting for her to dance on the bar...but I think she was trying to impress a she had to keep that urge suppressed. Dangerous, beautiful and educated in the use of firearms and self defense, exactly the type of woman who would destroy me. Next we come to Kelly. She's well on her way to becoming a school psychologist so she has to get her wild side out every once in a while. I'm just glad that sometimes she does it when I'm around. I really hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Kelly before this trip so it was very nice to get that chance. I need a woman just like her in KC. You think they exist? Next we have Erin. Erin is still a mystery to me. For as much as I have been around her I still don't understand her. I'm not sure that she is one of my biggest fans. The first time I met her was at the KU-Nebraska football game in Lawrence and we had our disagreements there. It's not my fault that she likes an inferior football team. Ever since those disagreements...I just don't think she's a fan. I'll just have to try harder next time. Then we have Erika. Now...I know how to handle Erika. I've held her hair while she threw up so she can't get THAT mad at me right? I think that gives me immunity. She was always the mother of Jimmy, Drew and I. I think she is probably a really good part of us surviving college. I can't say too much about Erika now that she's off the market. Josh knows about all the good things that Erika has to offer. He's a smart man for getting ahold of her before someone else did. 2. Rich and Larry. Now...many of you have the ability to handle the women, but can you handle the "women". I'd been around Rich quite a bit in my trips to Omaha so I knew I had my hands full with him but now that I have met his better half Larry, I don't know who is harder to control. They definitely make the trip to Omaha very exciting. How many bars do you know of that you can go to where you can have a gay man sit on your lap and molest you, with the consent and appreciation of his partner, and hang out with the woman of your dreams, all in one night. It made the trip complete I tell ya. Well, the couple is now engaged and the wedding planning is underway. I can't tell you how happy I am that I am not planning a wedding. I can only imagine that next fall all of the roommates will be back together again for another beautiful wedding. I wish I had pictures of the event to post here for actions shots, but I haven't gotten them yet. Sorry for the delay on the story but I wanted to give Erika a chance to get the word out for herself. There might be pictures later...and there are always more stories to come. Here is a picture of the newly engaged couple...just imagine that Josh's eyes are open.

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